TGM41: From Designer to CEO - Jason VanLue on Handing In The Golden Mouse

Jason VanLue is on the show today talking about family, priorities, work and going from Designer to CEO in 5 years.

The first time I talked to Jason about being on the show was more than a year ago. But we finally made it happen and he has quite a story.

There was a lot we didn’t have time to get to, but I really enjoyed what we did discuss.

Jason has been with Envy Labs since nearly the beginning. He helped build the company’s product, Code School, which they recently sold for $36 million.

I was interested to know what it was like moving into the role of CEO, how he handles the pressure and, honestly, if he really enjoys it. And Jason didn’t disappoint.

As always, I had a great time talking to Jason. Enjoy the show!

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Published by Adam Clark on March 11, 2015

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