TGM33: The Story you Don't Know


Today's episode is a crossover episode with Justin Jackson's Build & Launch ep 12.

What do you do when you have no good choices in front of you? Are you a failure if you quit or delay? I don’t think so.

I talked to my Justin about my podcasting course and give you a behind the scenes look about what’s been going on and where I’m at with the course.

Seth Godin says, in his book, The Dip:

“Sometimes we get discouraged and turn to inspirational¬†writing, like stuff from Vince Lombardi: ‘Quitters never win and winners never quit.’ Bad advice. Winners quite all the time. They just quit the right stuff at the right time. Most people quit. They just don’t quit successfully.”

If you’ve ever created a product or wanted to, I hope this will be an encouragement to you.

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Published by Adam Clark on February 20, 2015

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