TGM22: The Funk, The Resistance and Playing Hurt

I'll be honest. I've been in a funk. It's like self-doubt central over here.

So, instead of the normal Monday guest episode, I decided to talk about it. Also, I read an excerpt from this week’s book giveaway, The War of Art, by Steven Pressfield.

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TGM21: Five Things to Remember If You Want To Be A Podcaster - My Response to The Fizzle Show Ep 89


If you want to make a business out of your podcast, I've got some great news for you. It's totally possible.

This episode is a response to The Fizzle Show episode 89 in which Chase, Corbett and Barrett answered a question I submitted about podcasting vs blogging.

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TGM20: What To Do When You Don't Know What To Do


My wife used to sell coffee. I used to be a journalist. A friend of mine used to be a audio engineer.

We all used to be something. And now we’re something different. Maybe you used to be single, but now have a family to support. Maybe you used to be too afraid of risk or filled with self-doubt or unable to step into the unknown and do something remarkable.

If there’s one constant in our little breath of an existence, it’s change. Life is an ever-continuing series of seasons. If we obsess over our “future” we’ll miss the beauty and opportunities of the season we’re in.

Don’t do that.

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TGM19: The Habit of Creativity and How to Schedule the Muse with James Clear


James Clear. Where the hell do you begin with a guy like this? He’s an entrepreneur, weightlifter, travel photographer, author and regular writer at

It was my honor to talk to him for an hour. I loved his perceptive on following one’s “passion” and what it really means to do creative work.

According to James, the Muse can be scheduled. I tend to believe him and I think you will too after listen to this episode.

We even geeked out about camera gear for few minutes toward the end.

In his own words, “I’m just a country boy trying to make a difference.”

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