TGM38: Myke Hurley on Why You Should Do What You Love - Part 1


I'm super excited to have Myke Hurley on the show today. We've been friends for a couple of years, but this is the first time we've shared the airwaves together.

We talked about Myke’s dream of being a full-time podcaster, the multi-year journey to get there and the new challenges he faces now that he is there.

If you don’t know Myke, he’s the British guy you keep hearing on podcasts. He has been talking in to a microphone since 2010 and lives just outside of London, England with his sticker-covered MacBook Pro.

Myke is an inspiration to keep at it no matter how difficult.

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TGM37: Josh Shipp on Why You Should Humiliate Yourself


I don't think I've enjoyed a conversation lately as much as this one. I didn't know Josh before we spoke, and as much as I hate being "inspirational", I kind of couldn't help but be encouraged.

We talked about the illusiveness of success and the exhaustion of always trying to attain it, as well as what happens when we finally let go and just be who we are.

For Josh, it comes down to being willing to ask for help and “humiliate” oneself.

I can’t even describe how great this conversation was (all due to Josh). Whether you’re struggling or not, this one is worth your time.

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TGM36: Embrace The Mess with Jessica Clark


Today I decided to shake things up and talk to my wife about what it's like being married to someone who is an entrepreneur and always trying one crazy idea after another.

As usual, her perception is painfully accurate and and advice, spot on. I enjoyed having her on the show with me.

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TG35: Matt Giovanisci


Matt is one of the first guests on this show that I hadn't met nor knew anything about before we recorded. But I can say now that we're definitely cut from the same cloth.

In fact the thing that inspired me to reach out to Matt in the first place was a blog post he wrote about how much he hates all the bullshit buzzwords and egotistical fakery that seems to fill our industry. Sound familiar?

Matt is the creator of and a number of popular and funny rap videos. His new project is all about coffee.

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