TGM48: What's Luck Got To Do With It? - 5 Ways To Make Your Own Opportunities


Successful people are lucky. But it has nothing to do with chance and everything to do with work.

I don’t consider myself to be someone who has a lot of skills. But if there’s one thing I’ve been able to do over and over again, it’s create my own opportunities.

In today’s episode, I talk about five ways you can do the same. Enjoy.

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TGM47: Behind the Scenes of a Successful Podcast with Jon Nastor


Jon Nastor is a great example of someone who knows when to quit and when to stick. He wasn't born with this knowledge, but gained it through experience. In other words, he didn't quit.

I met Jon less than six months ago, but we hit it off pretty quickly. He’s the host of the popular podcast, Hack The Entrepreneur, and we went deep into the struggles of building a business when it seems like nothing is happening. Jon pushed through months and month of “not knowing” with his podcast. But because he kept showing up, eventually he opened doors that never would have been opened otherwise.

I love the fact that Jon is ready and willing to admit he didn’t know what he’s doing, but he knew one really important thing: keep showing up.

And because of that, so many opportunities are opening up for him. We talked about all of that and what it’s like to be on the other side of the dip.

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TGM46: Cursing Happens Here with Laura Belgray


Laura is a great and funny writer. She is the creator of, where she provides copy for small businesses and writes promos for major television networks.

I’ve been getting her newsletter for several months now and it’s a truly unique breath of fresh air in an industry where everyone’s trying to sell you something. It’s not about writing tips or “leveling up”. It’s about her personal life and she has a way of telling stories that are witty and heartfelt.

We talked about everything from our shared love of NYC to our distaste for online marketing buzzwords and bullshit.

In addition to building a solid reputations as a TV writer, Laura has also managed to create an amazing freelance business as a writer for entrepreneurs. Her forthcoming course, The Copy Cure, with Marie Forleo, is all about finding your voice as a writer, minus the tired and cliched advice spouted by most “writing” courses.

I found her to be a super genuine and endearing person. I loved talking to her and wish we could have talked for more than the hour and half we did. Maybe she’d be willing to do a part 2 some day.

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TGM45: Stop Asking, Start Acting


You know that guy or girl who keeps asking you (and other people) for advice even though you’ve already told them what to do?

That’s me. I do that all the time. In fact, I just spent a whole week doing that, instead of doing what I already knew.

Getting advice, researching or preparing (after a point) is a really sneaky way of procrastinating and letting our self-doubt win.

In this episode, I talk about a few things that can help if you find yourself in that situation.

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